Perfect PR launches social project “Grizzled and Happy”

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Perfect PR launches social project "Grizzled and Happy"

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The agency of public communications  Perfect PR is launching a social project, “Grizzled and Happy”. The project aims to show society that the lives of people of respectable age can be active, high quality, fun, and enjoyable. It is a joint project of our agency and the department of social adaptation of the Lviv City Territorial Center for Social Services (provision of social services). 


Why do we need this project in Ukraine? According to the United Nations, population aging occurs when the proportion of people over 65 is more than 7%. In Ukraine, it reached 15.9%, among rural residents – 19.8%. The problem of population aging is acute in Ukraine and Europe as a whole. However, in other prosperous countries, 65-year-olds + are constantly enjoying life. We offer an experiment. Close your eyes and imagine a person of retirement age living in the United States, Germany, and Austria. What is the picture before us? He is an active, smiling person who travels and enjoys life. And now, let’s close our eyes again and imagine gray-haired Ukrainians. We have a different picture. Because in all the media, news, and TV shows, grandparents are depressed, worried, and gloomy people on the bench near the entrance. And indeed, if we look for images of the elderly in English, we get the following pictures:

If we search in Ukrainian, we get the following results:

“We want to prove to everyone that old age is not about illness, loneliness, and a sedentary lifestyle. Ukrainians of respectable age know how to enjoy life: they like to look good, wear fashionable clothes, communicate, dance, play board games, pose for photos and immerse themselves in new hobbies. And we will show it to everyone,” said Olga Lech, Deputy Head of the Agency of public communications Perfect PR.


The project has already started with a video poem in which people of respectable age recite Nadiya Krasotkina’s poetry “Positive Energy of Life”.


“Older Lviv residents go in for outdoor sports, are interested in culture, love discos, and are not afraid of cameras. We wanted to show that creative, exciting people who continue to enjoy life, regardless of age, are on the other side of the camera. We must encourage people of respectable age to join exciting events, meet peers, and find like-minded people, ” said Natalia Kolodiy, head of the department of social adaptation of LMTC.


Reviate Ziyatdinova, the media curator of the project, called on volunteers and opinion leaders to join the Gray and Happy social project: “We believe that this project will change the public perception of people of respectable age. Moreover, people of respectable age will change their minds and become a little freer and happier. To do this, we plan to implement several special projects. We are glad for any cooperation and encourage volunteers and everyone who cares to join this social project. “


You can follow the project on the Facebook page.