Perfect PR та Західноукраїнський офіс EBA запустили антикризову комунікаційну інструкцію для компаній

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Perfect PR and Western Ukrainian EBA office launch anti-crisis communication instructions for companies

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Public Communications Agency Perfect PR in partnership with the Western Ukrainian office of the European Business Association has launched an anti-crisis communication instruction for business. It is about how companies can communicate with different target audiences during the period of uncertainty and after quarantine, how to choose the optimal sites and tools for anti-crisis communication campaign. The agency has also developed a special checklist for companies in the post-quarantine period, which can be used to check whether all mandatory communication steps have been taken.


Today, businesses have to overcome many challenges, one of which is establishing communication with customers, partners, team in the current environment. Such a concise brochure-instruction for business is an opportunity both to check yourself if the company is moving in the right direction, and an opportunity to learn new approaches and solutions that will help to get out of quarantine with minimal losses ”. says Natalia Ulynets, CEO of Perfect PR.

The guide describes how companies can change their communication today to maintain trust, reputation and audience, how to communicate with internal audiences, contractors, partners, consumers and how to communicate after quarantine.

Today we are going through a time of transformation and are forced to rethink all business processes. Reject those who no longer work and invent new ways to live and develop. Quality communication with partners, employees, customers and even competitors is an important tool for the company’s existence within quarantine. So, it’s time to review the practice of PR professionals to understand how good the company’s communication is, and what else needs to be done to make employees understand what’s going on, partners that they are valuable, and customers have become closer to you, and you to them ”, – comments Maryana Lutsyshyn, head of the Western Ukrainian office of the European Business Association < i>

Also with the help of a special checklist, companies will be able to check whether all mandatory communication steps have been taken to properly enter the post-quarantine period.

You can download the communication guide by following the link .