Perfect PR has become a partner of the unique social project On3Wheels

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Perfect PR has become a partner of the unique social project On3Wheels

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Perfect PR Agency has become a partner of the unique social project On3Wheels: LaJoelette. Perfect PR, together with the NGO “On3Wheels – Dream Foundation” team, is working together to promote an active lifestyle for people with disabilities.

A new series of mountain hikes for people with disabilities will start in Ukraine soon. Such special trips are possible thanks to the unique French carts La Joelette.


“The On3wheels team has proven that there are no barriers to making dreams come true. And an active lifestyle, travel, and conquest of mountain peaks by people with disabilities are possible, – says Olga Lech, Deputy Head of Perfect PR. – Not so long ago, three friends helped Ivan Maslyuk, who does not have cerebral palsy on his own, to get to Lisbon by bicycle. That’s how a dream that few people believed in came true. That’s where it all started. “


According to the founders of On3Wheels, today, we are surrounded by thousands of people with disabilities who have dreams and want to travel, but for the most part, they are locked in four walls. And their project is designed to help them lead an active lifestyle and overcome the stereotype that it is impossible. Last year, they proved this by making 12 trips for people with disabilities to different parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians.


The project’s primary goal is to change society’s attitude towards people with special needs.


“On3wheels: LaJoelette brought together a lot of friends and began to grow into a powerful volunteer movement. This team inspires and inspires hope that we will raise awareness of Ukrainian’s tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities with this project. Our agency will provide full media coverage of the project, “said Olga Lech.


Our charitable and media work for On3wheels: LaJoelette is a contribution to creating a barrier-free Ukrainian society.


In 2016, the On3wheels team made a unique cycling trip to Lisbon. Then, together with Ivan Maslyuk, who lives with cerebral palsy, they crossed 12 countries. Ivan single-handedly covered 5,000 km in 100 days on a special tricycle on which you can turn the pedals with your hands. That’s why the dream project was called On3wheels.


The boys did not stay away from the problems of people with disabilities and came home and started a new and unique Ukraine project La Joëlette – the conquest of the peaks by people with disabilities. Last year, the On3wheels team made 12 trips for people with disabilities to various parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians with the help of a swindler. In particular, they conquered Hoverla. You can follow the project on Facebook.