Perfect PR спільно з ТМ «Галичина» створили Карпатський календар з колоритними місцями для подорожей

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Perfect PR together with TM "Galychyna" created the Carpathian calendar with colorful places for travel

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Together with TM “Halychyna” and The Devochki, Perfect PR agency has developed the Carpathian calendar for local travel. Each month on the calendar is new ideas for entertainment and unusual places with Carpathian flavor.

For example, you can find the highest alpine swing and walk in the footsteps of Englishwoman Muriel Dovey, who in 1890 went on an independent trip to Galicia and described his journey in the book “Girl in the Carpathians.”

And in November – meditate with a collection of coloring pages. All coloring pages can be downloaded separately.