Perfect PR intends to buy creative agencies of Western Ukraine

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Perfect PR intends to buy creative agencies of Western Ukraine

Friday, 12 July 2019

Agency of Public Communications Perfect PR has announced its intention to partially or wholly by the creative companies of Western Ukraine. It is negotiating the acquisition of several companies operating in PR, SMM, and Digital.

Perfect PR notes a large number of requests for projects in the regions. At the same time, the agency considers this a challenge due to the specifics of the labor market and the lack of specialists. In most cities of Western Ukraine, there are no media companies that provide comprehensive communications services. So Perfect PR decided to merge and acquire other creative companies for quantitative and qualitative business scaling. The merger process will be transparent, in line with M&A best practices.

The main criteria for Perfect PR are:

  • Successful cases of creative teams.
  • Perfect mastery of digital tools.
  • Understanding of trends in the communications and the media market of Ukraine.

Also necessary is the experience in marketing and PR project management from 5 years. The advantage is the developed platforms for digital activities.


Perfect PR is an independent public communications agency founded by PR specialist Natalia Ulynets in 2011. The company implements effective communication solutions in the private, public, and public sectors; brings together a team of specialists in public communications, media, digital PR, consulting, and media. The main offices are located in Lviv and Kyiv. The agency works with Ukrainian and international businesses. Among the clients are the Halychyna (dairy company), the national yeast producer Enzyme Company, the Galnaftogaz Concern (one of the largest filling stations in Ukraine, OKKO), the Beverage Corporation PJSC Obolon, and the Vash Dim housing construction company, the British oil and gas company Cadogan Petroleum and others.