Being alone, we became closer. How quarantine changed each of us

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Being alone, we became closer. How quarantine changed each of us

Friday, 29 May 2020

Every challenge is an experience. After the beginning of quarantine and working from home, we had to quickly adapt to new customer needs and go to Zoom from anywhere. It became a new and valuable experience that we added to the common treasury of Perfect PR. We want to share achievements and funny moments, which occurred during that period of time.

We managed to remain the “one” and brainstorm effectively.

Olga Lech: “Of course, we know from experience what information turbulence is. However, the number of Zoom meetings, tasks, changes in formats and ways of working, the number of reformats of projects and plans, the number of messages in messengers, and the number of calls this quarantine spring it’s heroic. During the quarantine, we once again understood our superpower: teamwork of the perfects is work under any conditions and in any place, and sometimes non-stop. “

Zhenya Slobodyanyuk: “One of the important principles we adhere to in the agency is that all our achievements are common. Behind any idea or implemented project is a team, not one specialist. During the quarantine, we each worked in our home office. Still, we managed to remain “one”:

  • Effectively brainstorm projects.
  • Continue sentences on Google docs.
  • Without hesitation, get involved in overtime work when needed help from a colleague.

Natalia Turkevich: “Working remotely, we have introduced regular Zoom meetings with clients to stay in touch and up to date. In this situation, it is essential to feel each other’s moods and rhythm of work. The agency’s timings also began to value their time even more: not to distract colleagues with unnecessary comments, to communicate faster and more efficiently. “

Revide Ziyatdinova: “The main challenge during the quarantine was adapting all projects, media planning, content plans to new situations, and adapting internally to new working conditions. It seems to me that we managed it quite quickly and efficiently, which once again proved that we could work from anywhere. “

Tetyana Voronchuk: “During the quarantine, work from home became more concentrated. During this time, we managed to launch the project in cooperation with EBA and start several activities for the agency. In my opinion, quarantine has been quite productive in terms of volume and quality of work. “

Rita Flomboim: “We all coped well with this quarantine challenge. We organized great work together, quickly adapted to changes, and offered clients relevant tools. They worked perfectly !;) I consider quiet hours our joint agency achievement – a time when we work without social networks during the day. It’s a nifty tool. You start to feel your time and concentrate on work. “

Kateryna Alimova: “I consider the most positive achievement of the whole agency to be closer together at home, alone. Quarantine has brought Kyiv and Lviv offices closer together, allowing us to generate even more creative and effective solutions for clients and agencies. Quarantine, like a mixer, mixed us all, which allowed us to “bake” even better ideas and solutions for customers.”

But quarantine is not only about work but also about personal achievements, home comfort, and, of course, funny situations.

“During the quarantine, publishing houses and bookstores offered promotions for their books: discounts and free delivery. So I added a lot of novelties and bestsellers to my library. And in recent years I mostly bought books in electronic format, because it corresponded to the way of life: compact and always with me. Then during the quarantine, I preferred paper books. Among the best read from fiction – “Buried Giant” and “The Rest of the Day” by Kadio Ishiguro, from non-fiction – “MBA in 10 days” – says Zhenya Slobodyanyuk. I will never forget when I ran around the house looking for my daughter during one of the meetings at Zoom because she was already starting an online lesson. I had a laptop in my hands and headphones in my ears. Of course, I turned off the camera so as not to surprise my colleagues.”

“If we talk about personal quarantine gain, it is the closure of all “gestalts,” in particular, all the books from the regime inline went to do. And yet, Ukrainian cinema is the greatest pleasure of this spring! It’s hard to remember a funny quarantine incident. Just quotes from the “Catch Kaidash” series are now active in my family’s use”, — recalls Olga Lech.

“My achievement: more time to read professional and fiction books (” Write, shorten”, “Factology”, “The Long Road to Freedom”, OSHO “Search”). Taking courses at Prometheus, listening to them in the evenings, while cooking, and yet. Spending 20 minutes a day on sports seems small, but if you manage to do everything regularly, you feel a great inner victory. We can add spontaneous and unplanned live broadcasts on the client’s page, this was my first live broadcast, and it seemed to turn out well, – says Natalia Turkevich. – Funny case, there was nothing trashy. Remote work is at the last moment before going to Zoom to remember and remove from the head bandage “rabbit ears”, during a break to go to the balcony to water the plants, every night when the face mask, sincerely hope that no one will dial urgent video meeting, because in quarantine the working day is even more blurred.”

“Unfortunately, it is harder to talk about personal achievements, but we are less fortunate here. Nevertheless, I am glad that I managed to bring at least minimal physical activity and English. Also did not leave the recent hobby, dubbing, – says Tatiana Voronchuk, – Funny moment – it’s probably an attack of angry bees :)) When I’m in my parents’ home, my workplace often moves to the yard. On one such day, a swarm of bees escaped from the hive and hung on a tree branch for a while. And when it was removed from there, something went wrong, and the bees rushed at everyone in the yard. It’s good that then you don’t have to go to Zoom with work issues :)) »

“The main achievement, so to speak, I consider is almost peaceful coexistence with relatives in the same apartment and their understanding that even if I’m at home, I’m still at work,” says Revide Ziyatdinova. “Funny were Zoom backgrounds, which I actively used during quarantine because my cat often liked to appear in front of the camera during work meetings: jumped on the back of the chair, on the closet, on me. Virtual backgrounds didn’t help ultimately, but they minimized the number of images of my pet on our Zoom screens.”

“I consider my greatest achievement to be that I lost my chronic haste. I used to always be in a hurry, even when there was no place to go. The constant feeling of running is very tiring. That’s why I’m proud that I was able to accustom myself to thorough reflection, quiet working hours, and patience, – says Rita Flomboim. – During the quarantine, my pug and I gained 3 kg, learned to work in any position, learned to gather for a meeting in 30 seconds, and get some sleep!”

You don’t often see a man on a rope flying up to your window :))

Kateryna Alimova: “My achievement is inner development and rethinking of values. Speaking of more down-to-earth and specific things, I started learning English thoroughly and took a short course from the BBC during quarantine. And I will not say that free time from work from home has become more. And the funniest thing was the man-builder, who suddenly appeared in the window where I was working. At first, I was terrified of the surprise, but the situation seemed very funny. You won’t often see a man on a rope flying up to your window :))»