New social media from Wikipedia founder!

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New social media from Wikipedia founder!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has developed a new social network The People’s Operator or TRO. It is a virtual platform for the promotion of charity. It unites patrons who want to sacrifice money and people who need this help.

Business Insider reports that the new social network interface is more similar to Twitter than Facebook. James Weilz emphasizes that modern networks perceive users as an object of sale to advertisers and profit. The peculiarity is that the network will only spend money on what excites users.

Recently, a mobile operator was launched in the United States, TRO. It is a joint project of the French company Orange and the German Deutsche Telekom. It has a special fund distribution system. Subscribers sacrifice 10% of all their own payments. The operator himself will list one-fourth of his own profit.

The new Troy network completely displays the ideas of the mobile operator. Subscribers choose the sphere for which they donate. And this, in turn, creates a sense of more significant compression.