New system of mobile targeting from Apple 

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New system of mobile targeting from Apple 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Apple patented mobile advertising targeting system. Users will only see those products for which they have enough money. The relevant statement has already appeared on the official website of the US Patent and Trademark Bureau Upsto.

The patent describes a technology that allows Apple to determine the balance of funds in the owner’s bank account of its products. The balance is called an “available loan”. Special software collects and processes information. It periodically analyzes the state of the user’s account. Based on the data obtained, the approximate cost of the potential purchase is calculated.

Apple targeting authors have offered several calculation options. According to the first, the user will be able to buy a particular product if he has the amount equal to the spent after the purchase. The second option is that the gadget owner cannot pay more than 90% of his financial savings.

After determining an affordable loan, Apple owners will only receive advertising for those services and products they can afford to buy. The patent states that advertising will not be reflected unless the client’s financial capabilities align with it. It is not known how Apple will receive data on the financial status of its customers. The company has its own payment system – Apple Pay, but it does not provide for the disclosure of users’ bank balances.

At the same time, getting this patent does not mean that Apple plans to actively target mobile advertising soon.