The loudest PR scandals of the singer Madonna

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The loudest PR scandals of the singer Madonna

Monday, 27 August 2018

Madonna is often called an icon, the queen of pop music, and the wealthiest singer globally. Her name is known to everyone. First of all, it is a tribute to talent, and secondly, it is a well-built PR. Madonna Louise Ciccone turned 60 this August. On her anniversary, we decided to recall the brightest moments of the singer’s appearance in the media and analyze them in terms of PR services.

  1. Collaborations

Professional PR managers are familiar with the trick when a lesser-known brand becomes popular due to effective cooperation with those who are being on everyone’s lips. The singer’s first legal husband was actor Sean Penn, who was already quite popular at that time (1986).

This marriage lasted four years, and in the future, among the celebrities, Madonna will also have a relationship with Tupac Shakur, Lenny Kravitz, John F. Kennedy Jr. Undoubtedly, we hope that all the relationships were for love, but the union of two-star people is known to raise the rating of both.

  1. Outrage

Deliberate exaggeration of critical drives is a risky procedure. However, with a well-chosen place and time, it works flawlessly! And an example of this is Madonna.

From 1986 to 1989, Madonna was threatened with excommunication for a provocative music video for the song Like a Prayer.

Madonna bared her breasts at a concert in conservative Istanbul, performing her 1995 hit Human Nature, prompting the audience to see the inscription on her back: “No Fear.”

In 2003, at the MTV Video Music Awards, she kissed such singers as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

In 2012, Madonna gave a concert in Moscow, where she openly supported Pussy Riot activists. In the same year, at a show in Rome, the actress bared her buttocks, dedicating her work to the Pope.

In March 2016, during a concert in Brisbane (Australia), the 57-year-old singer brought a fan to the stage. The actress asked her a provocative question: “Are you the girl who wants me to spank her?”. And while the fan pondered over the idol’s proposal, Madonna, without thinking, tore off her top and bared her breasts.

  1. Imitation of trends

According to music critics, Madonna changed the image and direction of her music with each new album. Focused attention to trends, the ability to guess what will become popular in the future, and flexible adaptation to the unknown are some of the most critical conditions for staying “on hearing” and not losing ground.

  1. Social networks

Madonna knows how significant the impact of social networks is on today’s audience and does not shy away from selfies.