Multimedia Press Release: New Opportunity to Promote your Case

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Multimedia Press Release: New Opportunity to Promote your Case

Wednesday, 03 December 2014

We have already told you how to make everyone hear about you. And if you do business, politics, or community service, a tool for disseminating business content, such as multimedia press releases, should be an essential informational part of your company.

Why did we choose a multimedia press release?

Over the years of working in information and public relations, we have gained valuable experience ineffective activity. Keeping up with the times and interesting novelties, we find the most optimal solutions for our customers. That is why we have paid attention to a new way of submitting information-a multimedia press release that, thanks to data visualization, interests and shortens the distance between brands and media. We have chosen a multimedia press release because it combines practical tools:

A small text description. We ignore complex volumetric texts that are, most importantly, lost. Our authors will tell you concisely and important events to your brand. People want to get information faster and properly provided information will allow you to evaluate the news for up to 40 seconds.

Photo materials. Any text should be accompanied by a photo illustration. This is one of the critical elements of information if you really want the material to be read. Photography is the first thing the reader pays attention to and then decides to read the text that is accompanied by it or not. Therefore, photo illustrations to your news should not only be of high quality but also interesting.

Infographic. Instead of a thousand words. This is an ideal way to convey any amount of information in an easy-to-perception form. We use modern infographic tools, which give new opportunities to create original and prompt visualization. 45% of users will click the link if it leads to the infographic.

Video content. Pages that contain video materials are more attractive for visitors. According to statistics, the video content can retain a visitor for 2 minutes longer. And the possibilities of creating videos not only allow you to dynamically provide information but also to form the image of the brand that is remembered.

Audio commentary. It is very convenient to get data from the first and the first to get the opportunity to use ready-made information for their broadcasts. And what else do you need to spread your company or brand? Find as many ways as possible to tell yourself. The multimedia press release includes expert and street surveys, expert forecasts, historical references, and social networks, the entire arsenal of opportunities that comprehensively, economically, and valuable information on one website.

And we have this arsenal. We were convinced that he is working.

Creating a multimedia press release is a meticulous work of a team of analysts, authors, illustrators, photographers, operators, and creative staff of the team, who can distinguish the main thing and skillfully submit and disseminate processed information.

We could write a lot of text about multimedia press releases and our capabilities, but we can save your time. Therefore, more information about interactive information and the fact that the Public Communications Agency “Perfect Solutions” is ready to offer, you can find out in just a few minutes from our visualization.

Opinions of media sphere experts:

“The amount of information is increasing rapidly, and more and more companies are competing for the attention of journalists and consumers. To stand out, you need to use new methods of preparation and transmission of your messages. One of them is data visualization and the active use of multimedia formats. Photos, infographics, and videos are faster and easier than text. One successful visualization can replace 1000 or more words, will pay attention to social networks, and advise their friends. Therefore, those companies that are more likely to learn this tool will be advantageous to their competitors, ” – Roman Kitaev, clients of Multimedia Newsplot.

“Pictures, videos, and infographics are all that are flying on social networks. This product is sure to show an example of how to work with information,” – Director of Postman Yaroslav Vedmid.