We are partners of the Ukrainian-American educational project “Proty opikiv”

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We are partners of the Ukrainian-American educational project "Proty opikiv"

Monday, 06 June 2016

Perfect PR Agency joined the large-scale Ukrainian-American educational project “Proty opikiv”, which started in March 2016 in the Lviv region. Harvard Medical School in Ukraine initiated the project.

Throughout this project, health professionals will teach parents in clinics, women’s clinics, and kindergartens how to prevent burns to children at home, including in the kitchen and bathroom.

An information campaign was also launched in support of Anti-Burns, with the participation of the public communications agency Perfect PR. A separate “Proty opikiv” page has been created on the “Divys.Info” news agency website. Project coordinators will talk about the program’s progress, publish statistics, and valuable, practical tips to help protect your child’s health. In addition, you can follow the project on a public Facebook page.

According to statistics, burns are the leading cause of child injuries worldwide. Every year in Ukraine, more than 12 thousand children receive care. The most affected group is children from 1 to 5 years because, at this age, the kids begin to walk and actively explore everything around them. According to experts, most of them become hot liquids in the kitchen (boiling water, milk, coffee, etc.) due to inattention or ignorance of adults.

As part of the information campaign, posters with visualized information on how to protect your child from burns and how to properly provide first aid in case of a hot liquid burn have already been placed in the cabins of Lviv buses.

Additionally. The Ukrainian-American educational project “Proty opikiv”(Scald Burn Prevention Program in Ukraine) was initiated in the Lviv region by a Professor of Harvard Medical School and a doctor of the Boston Clinic Shriners Hospital for Children, Gennady Fuzailov. In the Lviv region, this project is being implemented with the assistance of the Department of Health of the LODA, the Department of Health of the LMR, and the Lviv Cremation Center of the Municipal City Clinical Hospital №8.