Magic balls from aminational studio Primus Animation

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Magic balls from aminational studio Primus Animation

Friday, 28 August 2015

Ukrainian animation studio “Primus Animation” has created a unique project called “Magic balls.” This is a series of plasticine cartoons consisting of 30 videos on Youtube. The authors of the project note that the geography of viewers is vast, with more than 80 countries. “Magic balls” are most often watched in the USA because the cartoon is named in English, and the videos themselves have English-language elements. Viewers in Poland and the Czech Republic were also actively interested in animated videos.

The authors consider “Magic Balls” a simple project. At the beginning of each series, there are magic balls, which are gradually transformed into some objects (rocket, balloon, snail, etc.). Plasticine cartoons are designed for children from three to five years. Each video lasts 1.5 minutes.

The studio “Primus Animation” managed to create 30 series in a month. The animator worked every day but did not spend much time. The authors note that the classic animated videos are made during the week. Therefore, simple mechanics was chosen to speed up the process.