Where is the Ukrainian internet heading to?

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Where is the Ukrainian internet heading to?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

More than 61% of Ukraine’s population has Internet access at home, but not everyone uses it regularly. More than once every month, 59% of Ukrainians use Internet access at home. This is about 21.8 million people. This figure increases by 2-4%every year. The most severe period was 2011 when the share of users increased by 11%.

Another trend is gender. The percentage of men in the Internet audience is reduced. Today it is 49%, and five years ago – 55%. The tendency to decline will continue. It is dependent on demographic processes in Ukraine (the male part of the population – 45%).

Earlier, half of all Internet users were in Kyiv. Today, network users are increasing in the central northern region (32%) and in the East (34%). The least active in the South (10%) and the West (24%).

Almost all young people under 30 use the Internet (91% of the total share of this age group). The number of users aged 45 years is most actively increasing. Only in the year did this increase by 9%. The proportion of the audience from 65 years old is also growing, but less slowly. In total, users of this age group – 9% (in 2012 – 1%).

The Internet audience in villages is growing faster. In 2013, 36% of the rural population had access to the network, and in 2014 – 45%. 62-68% of the population uses the Internet in the cities.