Facebook offers its employees slow internet Tuesdays

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Facebook offers its employees slow internet Tuesdays

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Facebook has launched a new initiative “2G Tuesdays”. Employees were asked to use the slow Internet on Tuesdays to have a better understanding of how a social network user feels in a developing economy. For example, in India or Kenya.

This was stated in an interview with Business Insider by Facebook CTO Tom Alison. Every Tuesday, the top of the company’s news feed will be added with an offer to switch to 2G and work with such a connection for several hours.

Tom Ellis talked about his own experience of using 2G. Working with such speed has become a real test for his patience because in slow mode one page takes several hours to load. He also noted that sometimes he feels as if the Facebook mobile application has been broken.

According to Tom Ellis, switching to 2G is not mandatory. But he hopes that most workers will agree to this experiment and offer new options for optimizing the application.