Комікси про піар: вийшла серія листівок про будні PR-спеціалістів

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PR comics: a series of leaflets about the everyday life of PR specialists has been published

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Public Communications Agency Perfect PR has developed art leaflets with illustrations about the everyday life of PR- specialists. In the format of mini-comics, we managed to tell with humor about the peculiarities of the work of PR- specialists. The project was implemented in collaboration with illustrator Bohdana Davydyuk.

Public communications intersect with many areas: journalism, marketing, branding, design and more. So there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about this work, and what PR people actually do every day. That’s how Perfect PR came up with the idea of ​​releasing a collection of postcards in mini-comic format. In total, there are nine postcards in the collection – nine different stories.

“The field of PR is quite specific. So we wanted to explain the nuances of our profession through illustrations. In collaboration with the artist Bohdana Davydyuk, we rethought our working moments and conveyed it all in comics, – says the initiator of the project Olga Lekh . – Each of the leaflets contains a whole story. For example, we emotionally conveyed the feelings of a specialist when he planned his work schedule to the minute, but analysts are signaling a crisis in social networks with a bot attack and urgently need to switch to crisis management.

The illustrator also managed to convey the” game “between journalists and PR people in the picture. We work in the same field, use the same tools, but have different strategies. We hope that our colleagues will find something of their own in these works. ”

Project illustrator Bohdana Davydyuk said that when creating the leaflets she exaggerated the absurdity of situations in the lives of PR specialists. / p>

“I always want to show an illustrated situation from a more absurd side. It is not easy, but thanks to it it is possible to arouse interest, – Bohdana Davydyuk comments. – One of my favorite works in this series is a story about ubiquitous edits and a quote from Burstin. I’m interested in working when you can tell a story in more than one frame, bring it to something. Such stories are partly inclined to comics, but still remain concise. “











9-dezinfektsiya9-dezinfektsiyaReference Perfect PR is an independent public communications agency founded by PR specialist Natalia Ulynets in 2011. The company implements effective communication solutions in the private, public and public sectors; brings together a team of specialists in the field of public communications, media, digital PR and consulting and media. The main offices are located in Lviv and Kyiv. The agency works with Ukrainian and international business. Among the clients are the dairy company Halychyna, the national yeast producer Enzyme Company, Concern Galnaftogaz (one of the largest gas stations in Ukraine OKKO), the beverage corporation PJSC Obolon, and the housing construction company Vash Dim “, The British oil and gas company Cadogan Petroleum and others.