karpatyArt-2013: in the circle of music, mountains, and soulful meetings

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karpatyArt-2013: in the circle of music, mountains, and soulful meetings

Wednesday, 03 July 2013

KarpatyArt chamber music plein air festival ended in Yaremche-Vorokhta. For the organizators, this is only the second attempt to fully reveal the beauty and power of academic art to the average listener. However, with each such step, there will be more and more fans of classical works.

The information partner of the karpatyArt chamber music plein air festival was the Agency of Public Communications “Perfect Solutions.”

Eight chamber music concerts with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign performers took place in the Carpathians over five days. Among them are Taras Mentsinsky (cello), Andriy Tkachuk (bassoon), Natalia Zubko (piano), Kyrylo Stetsenko (violin), Volodymyr Khanas (conductor), Daria Volitska (soprano), Anna Stempin-Jasnowska (piano).

It is the first time such an academic art event has been held in the Carpathians. This year his guest of honor was a talented pianist from Poland, Anna Stempin-Jasnowska. In addition to music concerts, the festival program included several creative workshops. Modern famous performers – Kyrylo Stetsenko and Andriy Tkachuk – shared with young beginners the secrets of professionalism, which is necessary for successful performances.

Young talents also showed themselves at the festival: Iryna Krainska (piano), Taras Dubrovsky (piano), Augusta Shishkina (piano), Modest Mentsinsky (cello), Yuri Tovarnytsky (flute), Yaroslav Gamal (guitar). The guests of the plein air also had the opportunity to listen to the team performances of musicians. In particular, the Chamber Orchestra Harmonia Nobile, the Quattro Corde String Ensemble of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Philharmonic, and the KLMB String Quartet. The soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, Iryna Poshtaryuk, became the unforgettable voice of karpatyArt.

Music is also psychotherapy because, based on the full range of emotions, it helps heal the soul. The author’s training of the psychotherapist in the method of positive psychotherapy, Halyna Dychkovska, and the round table of Igor Prokopyuk on this topic became a kind of “highlights” of karpatyArt.

In addition to music therapy sessions, students had the opportunity to create a musical composition of the improvisational plan. To do this, they came together to play on various musical instruments, giving an intuitive feel.

The works of famous classics were performed on the art stage during the festival: J. S. Bach, L. Boccherini, A. Vivaldi, P. Tchaikovsky, L. Beethoven, M. Skoryk, F. Chopin, S. Rachmaninoff, D. Shostakovich, A. Kos-Anatolsky and others.

Concerts with the participation of the youngest participants of the festival will become a good tradition in the coming years. Unforgettable positive emotions were presented to all present this year by young musicians from Yaremche, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Burshtyn. The final concert of karpatyArt took place in Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Philharmonic.

It will be recalled that the special partner of the festival is the world-famous Austrian-German piano firm Feurich. The Chamber Music Festival in the Carpathians was held with the support of Mayor V. Onutchak, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Philharmonic, and Lviv National Academy of Music. MV Lysenko.

So, karpatyArt, happy second anniversary! We wish you creative inspiration and new sincere fans! Let the festival of academic art be a warm-hearted tradition that unites genuine, extraordinary creative artists – both professional musicians and ordinary amateur listeners. See the photo report on the Perfect Solutions Facebook page.