Instagram launches sponsorship publications

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Instagram launches sponsorship publications

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In the next few months, US users will start seeing sponsorship publications on Instagram – photos and videos from brands, regardless of whether or not they will be fed.

Instagram explains that innovation has excellent ideas for the future. Still, to realize them, it should become a constant business, and the development of social networks as a business should become part of the embodiment of these great ideas. Instagram promises to start showing advertising in the news feed gradually, obviously, not to scare users – which are not used to it.

Instagram will focus on the “reasonable number” of good high-quality photos and videos from a few brands that have already become successful participants in the social network community. According to the preliminary design, advertising in the news ribbon should result in natural.

Another argument is made by the Instagram team – they say we are not just building Instagram, we also use it every day, and we also want everything to look natural. In addition, users are promised control – when someone sees an advertisement that he does not like, he will have the opportunity to hide her and send a response that he did not like or seem wrong.

In the comments to the publication with the announcement of advertising in the news film, however, we can see that many users are clearly dissatisfied with this. Many promises to get out with Instagram.

One of the users, in particular, writes: the main thing is why I like Instagram is simplicity. If I do not want to see something in my news ribbon, I can reflect this score – the case is closed, and the problem is solved. But now you guys will take simplicity and become “Facebook’s Bitch”.

Recall that Pinterest has already started testing sponsorship publications at the end of September. And in early September, an active monthly audience reached 150 million users.