Innovative methods for researching children’s preferences

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Innovative methods for researching children's preferences

Thursday, 29 October 2015

It is challenging to research and understand the target audience of children’s products. After all, parents decide whether or not to buy the product in most cases. At the same time, they are guided by the following indicators: price, quality, advice from friends, brand reputation, etc.

Instead, children choose emotionally. Therefore, companies need to find a balance to create products that appeal to both children and adults. Marketers need to understand how to find contact with these two target audiences: to capture kids and gain the trust of their parents.

Kids’ preferences are challenging to research and analyze. Such projects are more time-consuming and financially costly. Internet surveys are most often used to collect primary information. But in the case of young respondents, this method is incorrect because the privacy of children and their parents is violated.

An innovative method of organizing a sample for online surveys of children and adolescents has been developed by the International Bureau of Marketing Research iVOX Ukraine. Thanks to it, it is possible to research respondents’ preferences aged 4 to 16 in a minimum of time. IVOX has already implemented a survey pilot project for a well-known baby food manufacturer in 8.5 working days.

With the help of the developed methodology, it is possible to find leaders among children’s brands and brand characters. The questionnaire itself has a convenient and interactive format, so children perceive it as a game and entertainment. This allows you to gather reliable information based on the interpretation of children’s preferences. The survey is conducted in a comfortable environment for children without the intervention of unfamiliar children. It should be noted that the questionnaire meets the legislation and requirements of ESOMAR for the survey of minors.