Industrial parks – new jobs and investments or an environmental threat?

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Industrial parks - new jobs and investments or an environmental threat?

Monday, 14 October 2013

In Truskavets, within the framework of the XIII International Economic Forum “Globalization and Integration: Challenges and Solutions”, a discussion was held on the creation of industrial parks.

Leading domestic and international experts hotly discussed successful experiences and new opportunities for building technology and industrial parks. The question “in the heat of the day” was: “Industrial parks – new jobs and investments or an environmental threat?”.

In particular, Ricarda Steinbach, Director of the Business Development Department of the City Hall of Delitzch, spoke about the successful German experience in starting and developing industrial parks. And the head of the Slovak Agency for Trade and Investment Development of the Ministry of Economy Pavlo Dolgy in his presentation, convincingly outlined the development of industrial parks on the border between Slovakia and Ukraine.

“The topic of the section on the creation of industrial parks is new and interesting,” said Victoria Tsytsak, Senior Manager of PwC Ukraine Consulting Services. – There are specific procedures for allocating land plots that must be strictly adhered to. The company that will build such a facility will act in the investor’s interests. In addition, it is the creation of appropriate modern communications (electricity, water, heat and gas, telecommunications resources). The investment strategy is one of the main factors of success. Exemplary examples are cities with different types of employment. “

In addition to experts from Germany and Slovakia, Lochaven Management Consultants partner Ted Treller shared his experience in creating and implementing industrial parks in Canada: “Industrial parks in Canada began to appear in the mid-1940s, in the context of the post-war industrial boom. Many cities have industrial parks of various forms of ownership – public, private, and public-private (jointly created). In general, success depends on demand, which forms supply.

According to foreign experts, the idea of ​​industrial parks is quite promising and cost-effective for both businesses and the state. In addition, they have many advantages. Among them are environmental protection, employment, income for cities from private developers, and more. Technology parks are becoming an integral part of the economic system in developed and developing countries. They are a tool to stimulate industrial production, attract investment, increase employment, and equalize regions’ economic development.

The positive advantages of creating such facilities are underlined by our domestic legislation (“On Industrial Parks”). This Law determines the legal and organizational basis for building and operating industrial parks in Ukraine.

However, as in any situation, the creation of industrial parks has two sides. We have already heard a convincing “yes”. But what about the shortcomings? Little is known about them so far.

It sounds promising for our state – a breakthrough for the economy. But I want this techno-idea to be brought up for discussion by the public who will live near such industrial facilities. Because only thanks to good information and awareness the topic of strategies and innovations will receive a well-deserved response.