Gender equality in advertising communications

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Gender equality in advertising communications

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

For 60 years, the International Festival of Creativity has brought together representatives of the communications, marketing, advertising, and creative industries worldwide. This year the festival participants had the opportunity to receive a new prize – “Glass Lion: the Lion of Change” (“Glass Lion: the Lion for Change”).

This award is for a creative and progressive approach to gender representation in advertising communications and campaigns. We bring to your attention several cases that have received the “Glass Lion: Lion of Change” award.

Droga5 launched the Equal Payback Project in October 2014. This is a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds needed to compensate for the pay gap between men and women. For example, women in the United States receive 78 cents for work, for which men are paid a dollar. Droga5 has developed a fundraising web project and created a promotional video. It starred American comedian Sarah Silverman, who, according to the plot, changes her gender to be paid on an equal footing with men. The project received $ 100,000 from the National Women’s Law Center.

The problem of gender inequality is reflected in the example of commercial advertising. The Ecuadorian diaper brand Pompis is in favor of gender equality.

Another striking example is Uruguay’s leader in female contraception, Urufarma. On behalf of the brand, on March 8, congratulated all Latin American macho.

The Belgian agency Mortierbrigade has created anti-advertising. Belgian television aired an ad with two voice options. The first version contains all the stereotypes with traditional insights about a caring mother and a happy family. In the second version of the voice, the heroine says that she is annoyed by doing laundry and earns 20% less than her husband.