Favorites of the International Violin Competition have been determined!

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Favorites of the International Violin Competition have been determined!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The first major international project, the competition of violinists by Oleh Krysa, ended with a magnificent gala concert. Laureates, diplomats, and, of course, winners were awarded to loud applause from the audience. The latter performed together with the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv Philharmonic under the patronage of People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Sirenko, with the participation of Oleh Krysa.

This solemn event ended a global event, which was created in Ukraine by the joint efforts of the organizer of the NGO “World of Classical Music” and with the support of Ukrainian brands “Svitoch” and “Enzyme Company”.

“The level of invited contestants was very high, so the people of Lviv attended the concerts with interest,” says Orest Vovk, President of Enzyme Company PJSC. – Enzyme Company has supported various competitions, festivals, and social events for almost 20 years. Oleh Krysa’s international competition showed how it is possible and necessary to encourage our talented young people and direct them to the global level of skill. Lviv has many talents. Our Mykola Lysenko Lviv Conservatory is famous in Ukraine and abroad. The invited international guests also learned a lot from the work of Ukrainian domestic artists. “By the way, one of the competition’s winners received a special prize from the Enzyme Company – an invitation to Lviv for a week-long vacation. The unforgettable atmosphere of the ancient city and comfort will create a hotel “Vintage”.

The purpose of the competition is to draw attention to classical music and young performers from Ukraine and the world. The jury chose the worthy winners. There are many, which, of course, are examples of a combination of tireless work and the talent of those who know how to create a holiday for the soul.

Honorary Professor of Violin Oleh Krysa said: “You should start playing music at the age of five to seven. I started at six. As in every Ukrainian house, a song was heard in our house. I remember my mother singing all the time, and I sang along. Many people around me advised me to test my abilities and play music. It was then that I realized that I loved both the violin and the piano, but they “threw a coin” for me. Fate “pointed” to the violin. It is difficult for a child to exercise for one to three hours a day. I envied the boys who played soccer in the yard. But I am very grateful to my parents for forcing me to study. After all, in a good sense, “domestic terror” for a musician should be. But when I first played Mozart on the actual stage, I realized that I would never part with the violin. Work and talent are interrelated. But we need to have a little more happiness. “

One of the winners of the international competition of Oleg Krysa was a student of the Eastman School of Music (USA) Markiyan Melnichenko. The gifted boy was born in Lviv, but at the age of 4, he moved with his family to Australia. “My first performance was when the Ukrainian violinist Solomiya Sorokia came to us. She accompanied my mother, and she kept kicking me out of the room. However, Solomiya insisted that I play. And I started studying. I remember the first work was “Hungarian Dance” by Johannes Brahms. However, it seems to me that I have always had more love for music than skill.

Markian says that he once dreamed of playing Tchaikovsky. And at the First International Competition of Oleh Krysa this dream came true.

“At first, it was scary to play with an orchestra, but it’s good that I’ve had this experience before,” said the winner. – A good tool is vital when performing at such international competitions. Here musicians play violins created by Stradivari and Guarneri. To compete with them, in addition to talent, you need the right tool, not a “mediocre” violin. I play the violin created by Guarneri! The tool is incredible, 1678! Unfortunately, not mine – it belongs to the university where I study. When I go back to the old ones, it has a beautiful sound – I immediately remember it. Even a few professionals have such tools. Usually, universities, sponsors, and foundations provide them for us to participate in such competitions.”

One of the main initiators of the competition is a famous violinist Oleh Krysa – professor of violin at the Eastman Music School in Rochester (New York, USA), honorary professor of violin at the Lviv National Academy of Music. M. Lysenko (Ukraine) and an honorary member of the Japanese String Teachers’ Association.

Jury participants from Poland, Russia, Austria, Japan, France, and Ukraine were evaluated: violinist and vice-chairman of the competition Krzysztof Yakovlevich, Honored Artist of Russia and soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Valery Vorona, as well as world-famous violinists Christian Altenburger and Sachika Mizuno, Matis Weizner, Anatoly Bazhenov, and Igor Pilatyuk.