Research: 82% ignore internet adverts 

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Research: 82% ignore internet adverts 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The average Internet user views up to 70 banner ads per day. Three out of four consumers ignore advertising at all.

A recent study by Goo Technologies (Sweden) and Harris Interactive examined which advertising consumers ignore.

Yes, online advertising attracts the smallest number of people – 82% of respondents said they ignore online advertising. TV advertising, radio, and newspapers are more “lucky” – 37%, 36%, and 35%, respectively, do not notice such advertising, according to experts’ report.

The least attention on the Internet is received by:

  • banners: they are missed by 73% of users
  • advertising on social networks: 62%
  • search advertising: 59%

In this case, the older consumers, the less they notice:

  • online banners: 87% – among the audience at the age of 65 + compared to 58% – among millennials (18-34 years)
  • social media advertising: 76% vs. 48%
  • search: 72% vs. 47%

According to Goo Technologies, these figures are not surprising: according to the latest comScore data, the average user views up to 70 banners a day.

50% of respondents from the generation of “baby boomers” (49-67) and 26% of millennials, television advertising, is ignored. Then the difference is leveled: in the case of radio advertising – 46% of the older audience against 34% of young people, and newspaper advertising is ignored by 41% of the older audience against 34%.

The study also notes differences in perceptions of consumer advertising with different incomes and education. For example, respondents with $ 100,000 respond to online advertising less than $ 50,000. On the contrary, however, with traditional advertising on TV and in newspapers, the report said. Online advertising is also more ignored by respondents with higher education than without.

What ads do users ignore?

The survey showed that consumers mostly lack more entertaining (32%) and entertaining (40%) advertising content. According to the respondents, what else would attract their attention in advertising? “Impressive imagination, unusual graphics” (19%), “interactivity” (12%), “participation in the advertising of a famous person” (6%), etc.