Why is “slow” marketing becoming mainstream?

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Why is "slow" marketing becoming mainstream?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The campaign has explored a trend where advertising agencies are creating long videos without dynamic action.

Ronseal’s video takes a new approach to advertising. The brand uses the sounds of nature and slow motion in the frame. According to Campaign observers, similar trends and the “slow” movement began to appear in the 1980s. Then they protested against “fast” food, and now this principle has spread to other areas of culture – “slow” fashion, photography, and advertising.

Daniel Mullensifen, a psychologist at Adam & Eve / DDB, explains: “The idea of ​​slowing down and clearing your mind is the complete opposite of social media and because it provides a lot of new information.”

The advantage of a slower and more measured approach is a potentially more productive relationship with customers. “We are so used to the fact that brands promise instantaneity that people find it interesting to find something inside themselves. Inspiring people to immerse themselves in their own feelings is now important for retail and travel, ”said Tracy Follow, Director of Strategy and Innovation at The Future Laboratory.