The boom of patriotic charity

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The boom of patriotic charity

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

In Ukraine, there is a boom in patriotic charity: Ukrainians can and are willing to donate large sums of money to benefit their homeland.

The first attempts to collect charitable contributions for the needs of Euromaidan were from its very beginning in December 2013. Then tens of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians willingly sacrificed their right during the demonstrations. It was only a matter of time before this rush was directed in a more organized direction.

On February 21, after the tragic events in the center of Kyiv, a group of enthusiasts decided to create a Center for Assistance to Maidan Victims, “Batkivshchyna Maidan.” Its mission is to help the families of the dead and injured. The technical partner of the Center is the Charitable Foundation of the Priirpinnia Community. The Chairman of the Board of the Center is Andriy Fedorov, the founder of the agency and the Darina Zholdak Foundation. Members of the Supervisory Board are Olga Bogomolets, Mustafa Nayem, Serhiy Zhadan, and Olga Gerasimyuk. Auditors – EY and “PwC Ukraine”.

The first charity marathon, “Heavenly Hundred” on Channel 5, which took place on February 24, raised UAH 17 million per day, and in two days – almost UAH 26 million. As of March 17, the Maidan Victims Assistance Center received the following funds:

  • the total amount on account of the Priirpinnia Community Fund was UAH 48,333,372. (UAH 2,220,000 of already incurred expenses were deducted from the amount) + EUR 2,906 + $ 2,654;
  • UAH 302,727.8 was on other card accounts. + $ 2000 (including payments);
  • The Global Giving platform raised $ 20,365 from 204 philanthropists.

Another interesting patriotic charity project is a fundraising campaign for the army, initiated by the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with mobile operators. Each SMS or call to the short number 565 in support of the military is transferred 5 UAH. The campaign was launched on March 13, and four days later, Kyivstar announced that it had transferred UAH 3,810,300 to the Defense Ministry’s account. Charitable donations are received from the operator’s subscribers. At the same time, from March 13 to 16, UAH 2,335,440 was accepted, and from March 17 – to UAH 15,74860.

Thus, Ukrainians can and are ready to donate money for the country’s victory. There is a lot of talk in society now about how events in the country will affect the whole nation: make it more mature and promote civil society’s development. It seems that they will form a habit of charity.