Focus on diligence and perseverance 

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Focus on diligence and perseverance 

Friday, 25 October 2013

What qualities do you think you need to have in order to succeed in business?

Halyna Tereshchuk, Radio Svoboda owner: today in Ukraine, you need to belong to the “family” of the President to be a successful businessman. In our country, you can be a successful entrepreneur only when you have access to budget money. The scheme is as simple as a door: you look for an influential official, quickly register a company, and “master” our money with you. Most of those who have good business either did it at public expense or succeeded during the communist and Komsomol troughs. In a corrupt and uncivilized state called Ukraine, one cannot speak of such civilized features of entrepreneurship as good professional education, sociability, experience, openness to new technologies, and knowledge not only of multiplication but also division. For modern Ukraine, these features are unacceptable. An example of a real entrepreneur was Metropolitan Archbishop Andrei Sheptytsky. The count by origin invested all his money in business, in people. He did it professionally, like an honest businessman. The bishop acted on a simple economic model – capitalism with a human face: he followed the rule that there should be an understanding between entrepreneurs and employees. And the Metropolitan was cautious in business and did not take sharp risky steps.

Olena Anatiychuk, Head of Marketing at Aquapark “Plyazh,” Business Consultant for Development Studying the fate of successful people, she was convinced that everyone had a turning point, and those who stubbornly continued to go achieved even more than expected. Luck seems to reward those who deserve it. “How many times does a young child fall before he learns to walk? The answer to the question itself: until you learn to walk! That is, do it until it works. Not two times, not 10, not 100, but until it works out… Change approaches, get feedback, fall, rise again, but still move forward!” A. Parabellum Irrespective of the type of activity, persistent and hard-working people achieve success. Especially today, when we see an oversaturation of information, offers, goods, and services in almost all areas. Strategies and tactics change so rapidly that you do not have time to explore the reasons, accept this fact and move on. Of course, when there is practical experience, many things do not need to be explained. However, I do not leave training for a day! A solid theoretical base, backed by practice and perseverance, definitely pays off.

Natalia Ulynets, founder and head of the PR agency “Perfect Solutions”, journalist: Persistence is a problematic character trait, but it helps achieve success. Its level is also different, so this concept is measured differently. Personally, intuition often helps me make it easier to make the right decisions and feel and understand a difficult situation. But the rules of doing business in Ukraine need such delicate things as “impudence.” I try to “leave” on ambition, initiative, and confidence. And most importantly – any success destroys the fear, which can be eliminated only by raising the level of faith in yourself and faith in God. This is what I put in the first place. Faith is dominant for me. I also associate my success with the support of my husband, a professional team, and reliable partners.

Roman Fedyshyn, founder of the Shuvar group of companies, deputy of the Lviv City Council: Today, to be successful in business, you need to be successful not only in business but also in everything else. It would help if you also had a little talent and efficiency in any business. One of the essential qualities is faith in yourself and your business. No wonder it has long been noticed that the case’s success depends on the mood with which a person begins it.

 Vardkes Arzumanyan, restaurateur: First of all, a person should correctly understand what success is. Success is by no means the attainment of any material heights. Everything material should be perceived only as a tool to achieve some goals. For some reason, there is a stereotype of a successful person, according to which he must be inventive and fraudulent, but success is achieved by those who can be honest, no matter what it costs them. I have never met people who would set a clear goal and did not reach it. And it would be best if you never stopped learning and gaining knowledge.

Olesya Sadova, PR Manager at Berta: Confidence is the ability to take a few steps forward, and experience, in my opinion, are the three most essential qualities for running a successful business. Of course, additional features are quality knowledge, the ability to feel the slightest fluctuations in the market, and hard work. Business needs constant active intervention and reliable partners. A successful business person must have a broad outlook to assess the situation from all sides. After all, in my opinion, business is not just money but the art of managing it. A truly successful business owner is not only a good leader but also a person with a good reputation both in business circles and in everyday life.

Oleksiy Antipovych, head of the sociological group “Rating” First of all, it is finances and strength. A margin of safety is needed to be confident in your work in terms of confidence. Among the main qualities we can single out knowledge: if you do not understand the market, you will not be able to start. If we talk about the Ukrainian circumstances, we have very few specialists who can perform quality and good work in business. In every business direction, people must be responsible and go to the goal. The main thing is that a person likes what he does.

Volodymyr Misyailo, founder of the Star School Production Center: To be successful, you need to understand your life mission or what you are interested in, from which you will get moral satisfaction and, later, financial satisfaction. Only a person satisfied with life and his position in society can succeed in business and all manifestations of his life. Today, to make your business more interesting and profitable, the most important thing is an idea, exclusive and original approach. And you don’t have to invest millions. The main thing is to find an “X” idea that will be innovative, one that no one has proposed before. Such a business will succeed. And for this, you need to read many online resources that today offer many interesting ideas for implementation, learn from the experience of foreign franchising, and finally – travel and absorb interesting ideas for your own business and, of course, personal development. This is the key to the success of any businessman.

Oksana Todorova, President of the Corporate Media Association of Ukraine: The question is in line with the recommendations of Gary Hemel, an expert in management and innovation, a visiting professor at London Business School, and director of Management Innovation eXchange, from the book The Leader’s Manifesto. That’s important now. ” In it, the author advises paying attention to the five components of business: ethical values, innovation potential, ability to adapt, passion, and creativity. The success of previous endeavors often relaxes people and allows them to feel too calm and self-sufficient. Gary Hemel outlines the basic principles of creating new organizations and companies in this book. This is maximum decentralization; transparency of decision-making; responsibility of management to subordinates; proportional remuneration of employees for their work, not the position held; evaluation of the results of employees’ work by their colleagues, not managers; constant increase in the level of independence of employees. These principles, in my opinion, are essential to remaining successful in business in today’s environment. And, of course, one of the most critical factors of success is lifelong learning. Learning and acquiring new knowledge throughout life is the norm for a successful person. Friends, books, training, coaches – this is the potential to conquer new heights.

Olga Gerasimyuk, journalist: To be a very successful billionaire businessman, you had to start working in the distant years. To create a business, you had to go through all the stages you now do not want to mention. And now, having the market in your pocket and taking care to hold positions, you need to build your relations very flexibly with a kind of uncivilized political, “keep” your lobby in parliament, or even “elect” yourself to deputies (which eliminates parliamentary system, because it is not to protect their own business but in completely different tasks). However, the most successful today are already thinking about social responsibility. This is an essential aspect of “success”, which gives it Europeanness (funds to support the sick, orphans, culture, art, contribution to the development of these areas) and brings the business closer to the highest level of evolution. Small and medium-sized companies have a hard time – instead of the ingenuity, pragmatism, mastery, and desire to cultivate “theirs,” they have to master the “art of dialogue” with the tax service, where they go every day. They are thinking about how to close their business for less money (because even this procedure is subject to bribes today), about the “successful rescue” from the damned business. This, in my opinion, is a destructive period for society and the state.

Serhiy Kushnir, representative of the Ukrainian Association of Travel Agencies: To be successful in business, you must first be sociable – this is the key to any success. And you have to be responsible because otherwise, no one will deal with you anymore. It is worth being a little “stupid” – it will make a person almost invulnerable. It also does not hurt to become an adventurer partially…

Evgeny Vinogradov, vocalist: to be a successful person, you must first be a person, work, work, and work again. Don’t stop. Even if you feel that everything in life is terrible, you do not need to give up. Just go ahead! And be sure to consider the opinions of those around you at work and in life. This is the key to the success of a good businessman.

Oleg Pylypenko, Deputy Director of the Center for Engineering and Scientific and Technical Services: I believe people should understand what life is. She must have a goal to do what she enjoys. Business success requires, first and foremost, the ultimate goal: why do you do it? Because work requires stimulus and motivation. One of my acquaintances dreams of building a big temple. He hasn’t made it yet, but the idea inspires him to work hard in business (now he owns a serious IT company). Our young people usually set themselves the task of a social package: to build their own house on so many floors or buy a car of one class or another. And this, unfortunately, is not inspiring. Also, successful people in business at first used to do the most unpleasant thing for themselves, something that causes discomfort, and not put it off for later. 

According to Lviv Post.