Агенція Perfect PR відзначила 9-річчя

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Perfect PR Agency celebrated its 9th anniversary

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Colleagues, clients, partners, thank you for being with us!

Nine years since the founding of Perfect PR Agency is a fruitful cooperation with dozens of companies, hundreds of successful activities, projects and strategies. But the real success of the agency is the team, its progressive ideas, energy and inspiration.


On the occasion of the anniversary of Perfect PR we share insights and tell more about what work, team and communications are for us.

Natalia Ulynets, CEO of Perfect PR : “Perfect PR. 9 years since its foundation: 64 PR-strategies, 3222 press releases (and 10 more every day), more than 800 events, 28 anti-crisis campaigns. We have every reason to be proud of our work as well.

In 9 years we have never wanted to close, liquidate, leave the market, despite all the circumstances. 24/7 they increased their knowledge and worked on comfortable conditions for clients and the team. They did not become salespeople, but learned to sell creative and communication solutions, adding weight and value to companies. We have become real communication engineers or craftsmen, as we often laugh.

Perfect PR – with offices in Kyiv and Lviv. Today, the team works remotely and, thanks to quarantine, we have gained dozens of perfect mini-offices.

And about values. Because without them there is no life in the agency:

1. Professionalism is creative, timely, responsible; 2. Innovation – trendiness, competitiveness, initiative; 3. Flexibility – understanding the situation, audience, customer, service, price. 4. Trust. Client trust in the agency, agency in the client, agency in the contractor, trust between colleagues.

Today we are digitalizing concepts and reviewing the challenges of each client. We are thinking about new tools, solutions and communication formats.

The main thing is that Perfect PR is people. Working in and with the agency! And this is much more serious and responsible than the number of press releases and strategies. ”

Olga Lech, Deputy CEO :” I am very glad that despite our diversity, we are united by common values !! Our mission is to help the client be meaningful. This is especially true today, during quarantine. It is so nice to see how together we grow in projects, skills and quantity. “Perfect” have brought together cool people. ”

Olga Kozak :” Perfect PR are interesting people with whom you dive into the perfect creative world. Immerse yourself in the depths of copywriting, communications, SMM and content. And when you come to the surface, you start to see the new filled PR world perfectly. ” home because: & # 8220; friends, it’s so cool with you & # 8221 ;; to argue in joint brainstorms, and at the end to present a cool strategy; support and digging when needed; partners and clients who never want to leave our office, because we have really cool, and it’s really 24/7 communication “.

Tetyana Voronchuk :” Perfect PR is a team Inspired and professional! For me to work in Perfect PR is to design the future. You never know exactly what tasks you will have to solve tomorrow, and this is the most exciting. ”

Natalia Turkevich :” A team of cool professionals who are united not only by a common purpose, but also values ​​- is Perfect PR. Responsible and ready for challenges. We are glad that our clients trust us with their strategies and reputation. Interesting projects and invaluable experience are ahead. ”

Yevhenia Slobodyanyuk :“ It is easy and inspiring to work with you, both online and offline, both on weekdays and on weekends, both during information attacks and during holiday events. ”

Roman Schmidt :” Perfect PR is an agency where you are not taught to take the first steps, but to run immediately. marathon and win! ”

Rita Flomboim :“ Perfect PR is my friend, my mentor, my colleague. Thank you for knowing me better than I do. ”

Andriy Burda :“ School of professional challenges, experience and a portfolio of cool clients and loving partners. ”

Kateryna Alimova : “Perfect PR is a whole collection of all the particles of life around. Our work and our clients are so diverse that the challenges we take on every day force us to keep our hands on the pulse of the whole world. And it’s incredibly cool – every day to discover something new, to be surprised, to be sad, to be happy, to look for and find solutions, to create, to communicate. To be in the whirlpool of life. ”

Marichka Zablocka :” Of the 9 years of the agency, I know only one, and it is not complete. But it was a wonderful year in the company of inspiring people. “