Агенція Perfect PR розпочала масштабний проект – «Інтерактивна медіакарта України»

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Agency of public communications Perfect PR has launched a large-scale project - "Interactive Media Map of Ukraine" 

Monday, 02 April 2018

Specialists of the public communications agency Perfect PR are working on creating an “Interactive Media Map of Ukraine”. It is a large-scale project that involves the launch of a particular interactive platform with information about the Ukrainian media.

Data on all regional mass media of Ukraine will be plotted on this map. “On this resource, Ukrainians will know where to get news about a particular region with just one click and by hovering the cursor over the relevant locality,” says Anna Kazak, PR specialist of the agency.

All contact information about the main media of all regions will be available on the media map. “Currently, the collection and analysis of data from various Ukrainian media are underway. It is a meticulous job because many regional media, unfortunately, have outdated contact information or no such information. That’s why our analysts have to check their data very carefully,” explains Anna Kazak.

As a result, the Perfect PR agency will create a particular platform that will contain an interactive database of Ukrainian media.

“This resource will be beneficial for press secretaries and PR managers. After all, every day in our work, we face the renewal of media databases. And if for regular customers these databases are virtually stable, then for servicing new and primarily regional projects – this platform will be a good tool for finding the right publications, “- said the head of Perfect PR Natalia Ulynets.

After creating the “Interactive Media Map of Ukraine”, the information on it will be updated once a year.

Perfect PR Agency is looking for active students (majoring in media communications or journalism) to help implement this project. We guarantee a unique experience of working in a creative team. Those interested are asked to register on our Facebook page.