7 facts about the creative samurai Trukhimovich

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7 facts about the creative samurai Trukhimovich

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Serhiy has been cooperating with the Agency of Public Communications Perfect Solutions since 2013. He is a reliable partner and a talented leader of many reputable projects. And, most importantly, it is always very – very content.

So, 7 REAL FACTS about Serhiy Trukhimovich:

  1. Has a medical education. He studied at a medical school and a medical university. A total of 9.5 years. He was sent to the Lutsk district sanitary-epidemiological station as a doctor-epidemiologist. He did not work a single day in his specialty. However, epidemiology is to some extent in his competence today, because viruses live in advertising as well.
  2. He has several books written in his drawers. Only one was published. And maybe it’s good, because reading books from a writer who claims that there are two of them (Trukh and Movich), and this is confirmed by all 20 of his imaginary friends, is simply risky for a person’s mental health.
  3. Smokes a pipe and smokes only tobacco in it. He performs this ritual himself or in the company of the Lviv Club of Cradle Fans.
  4. Knows several legal and not quite legal ways to get a new look at familiar things.
  5. When walking down the street, he often falls into a dreamy state. Sometimes, he plunges into an unknown place so deep that he does not notice familiar people. It happens that it passes by literally three meters and is not welcome.
  6. Disciplined partner. He is never late for meetings and appointments. He has a habit of taking notes and visualizing everything with mental maps, which makes life much easier (or more difficult) for other colleagues.
  7. Sergiy Trukhimovich – the author of the practical manual “Advertising. Copywriter’s Abstracts “.

And, of course, despite all his creativity and dreaminess, Serhiy Trukhimovych is a polite Ukrainian businessman, taxpayer, and lecturer at the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University. And you will find even more facts in the work “Sergiy Vladimirovich Trukhimovich. Primary sources