5 main web design trends in 2016

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5 main web design trends in 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The main trend of web design in 2016 is user-friendly navigation. Other important highlights include:

Atypical and high-quality photos in HD. This is the best way to get users’ attention.

Typography. Minimalist, simple design is another requirement when creating a resource. Attention is drawn to the fonts, which this year will be artistic and handwritten. Such fonts seem personal as if the site speaks to each resource individually.

Animation. Careful and thoughtful placement of the animation will bring the resource the best results – the attention of users. The eyes are instinctively fixed on the movement. If the animation is impractical, it is only distracting and annoying.

Scrolling. For most users, navigating pages to view a large amount of information is tedious. In 2016, a new way of viewing pages will become popular – scrolling. This method is more convenient for tablets and phones.

Two-color palettes. The use of two colors is incredibly popular and effective because it does not distract readers and generates a strong visual impact.