12 Twitter accounts in english, that will be interesting for PR professionals

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12 Twitter accounts in english, that will be interesting for PR professionals

Thursday, 17 October 2013

@EdelmanPR: Edelman is the world’s largest PR agency (65 offices, more than four and a half thousand employees), which was also the official PR agency of Twitter. Today it has more than 13,000 readers and publishes useful links and tips that every PR specialist needs.

@GuyKawasaki: Guy Kawasaki has published ten books and is a co-founder of the online magazine AllTop.com. The former chief ideologue of Apple has more than a million followers on Twitter, which he provides with many useful links.

@MarkRaganCEO: Chairman of Ragan Communications and publisher of PR Daily offers its 54,000 readers content from Ragan.com and PR Daily

@Mashable: If you want to read about social media trends, you should subscribe to Mashable.

@PRNews: all PR news, trends, and directions daily.

@prnewswire: Like the leading site of PRNewswire, Twitter publishes news and related topics to its sixty-two thousand readers.

@prsa: Every professional communicator should just read the microblog of the largest organization of PR professionals.

@prsarahevans: Sarah Evans describes herself as a social media freak. Owner of Sevans Strategy, a consultant in PR and new media, Evans moderates #journchat, a popular weekly online discussion among PR professionals.

@prtini: As President of Geben Communication, Heiser Weilin shares her successful experience in PR, social media, and marketing. Weilin runs #pr20chat on Twitter, which explores the impact of social media on public relations.

@publicityguru: Offers communicators the “secrets” of creating successful publicity for a business.

@socialmedia411: This resource provides many links from a variety of resources and keeps communicators informed of everything that is happening in the industry.

@ThisIsSethsBlog: Bestselling author Seth Godin provides his 2,000-strong army of followers with useful links from his blog.

The information is valuable because Godin predicted the launch of many companies.