10 qualities of a communication specialist. Example of the Perfect PR team

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10 qualities of a communication specialist. Example of the Perfect PR team

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Almost every day the agency gets CVs of people who would like to join the Perfect PR team. At the moment we do not have open vacancies, but the bank’s reserves of potential employees are being actively replenished. We have repeatedly talked about the values that our specialists have and what we expect from future employees. So we decided to make a selection of unique qualities of a cool PR manager from our team.

“A professional PR specialist should have a low level of vanity but high professionalism, integrity, and know his worth. A communication specialist who does not work on his professional development and tries to compensate for this by unjustified exaggeration of his abilities loses a lot. After all, there comes a time when he encounters projects that are more complex than his experience and knowledge”, – says the director of Perfect PR Natalia Ulynets. ”

A request for today’s communication specialist is a request for a quick specialist, a person with a wide range of contacts not only among the media. He must be a reliable person on whom digital and ideological projects can be placed. Such a specialist checks the numbers looks for new solutions and is open to communication with different target audiences. Visualizing content, writing concise and expansive text, being a process manager, organizing media events, and thinking like a politician, as a CEO, or a journalist are the basic skills of a modern PR person.”

We consciously miss the skills of an exemplary communications specialist, such as writing interestingly and meaningfully, creating multimedia formats, collaborating with the media, planning, analytical skills, fluency in Google, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc., not to mention literate writing. Instead, we highlight things that bring absolute values ​​to our team.

1. Multifunctionality. It’s just a requirement of time, without which it isn’t easy to imagine a worker in the creative industries.

2. Work with fire in your eyes. We burn with our work, projects, and clients.

3. Knowledge of the principles of social networks, namely the ability to collect curses without posting a single cat.

4. Continuous generation of creative solutions for the agency’s clients – from creating concepts for small one-day campaigns to large-scale conceptual communication projects.

5. Readiness to communicate 24 hours 7 days a week.

6. Attention to detail. We know that sometimes the key to success can be hidden in a very unusual place.

7. Initiative. It is our key driver. If there is an initiative, there is a movement.

8. Self-motivation.

9. Not the only communications. Each of our specialists has something more than just a publicist. This is another thing, a hobby or an exceptional education that brings added value to the team.

10. Do not be afraid to “suffer” from time to time because of your perfectionism. Everyone has their whims. The main thing is to know yourself.

“Our specialists are well aware that the world does not end on Facebook and that there is life and CA outside of social networks,” says Olga Lech, Deputy Director of Perfect PR. “We have a large project workload in the agency. We sincerely say that it will be difficult but exciting for everyone who joins us! Our team is constantly facing many challenges. However, this guarantees us rapid professional development. Because Perfect PR is a team of professionals who love their job. “