Як розкрутити групу з непопулярною темою у Facebook (на прикладі Міської ритуальної служби)

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How to promote a group with a popular topic on Facebook (for example, the City Funeral Service)

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Recently, the media spread the news that the outrageous mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkov demanded explanatory notes from the heads of departments whose Facebook pages have less than a thousand subscribers. In particular, he noted the poor performance of the City Funeral Service.

“Write all the garbage on your personal pages. About some important events and projects – on the pages of departments and companies. But they held a meeting – well, who reads it? “Even the Landfill and the Ritual Service have information, too,” Martsinkiv said. To increase the popularity of the city funeral service, the mayor asked to display the cost of services or information about who died.

Public Communications Agency Perfect PR fantasized about SMM for the funeral service page. Namely, how it is possible to gain a large number of subscribers in such a short time in such an unpopular topic as funerals and death. And even how to make extra money on it.

You need to start with the banal & # 8211; defining the purpose of the SMM. Here it is obvious: to acquaint as many people as possible with the work of the City Funeral Service.

Even in non-standard topics you need to follow a standard approach. Therefore, although the heads of departments are not accustomed to such work, it is still necessary to write a detailed content plan. This is the most important document and it is from his creativity, and then compliance with the work, depends on the success of the page – achieving the goal.

In the content plan we make such headings:

1 . Entertaining. Strange as it may sound, this is a key category even for ritual themes. Nothing better (except for the distribution of prizes) does not attract the audience as information that makes you smile. Heading name & # 8211; “A moment of black humor.” It is not difficult to choose the content for it: funny anecdotes, memes, pictures about death and funerals – it’s all on the Internet.

We can argue that this section will be distributed by subscribers most often.

> На зображенні: «Його останніми словами були: «Так, люба, ти виглядаєш товстою у цих джинсах»

In the image: “His last words were:” Yes, darling, you look fat in these jeans “

2. Information and entertainment. Tell your subscribers about the trends of the funeral industry, prepare amazing facts from funeral ceremonies (the most numerous funerals, the funniest funerals, etc.). Briefly tell the stories of the most pompous / touching / funny funerals in the world. These stories can be related not only to human funerals, sometimes loud funerals are also arranged for favorite pets (hamsters, cats and fish). In order to prepare such information, you need to use a good search engine and know English. There is a lot of such information in foreign English-language media.

Here is an example of one of the most expensive coffins in the world, worth 25 thousand dollars, in which the king of pop music was buried – Michael Jackson.

The late King of the Pops, Michael Jackson was buried in one of the most expensive coffins in the world. Jackson’s coffin is a solid bronze casket lined with blue velvet., and is hand-polished 14k gold plate finish. The coffin cost US 25,000.

The late King of the Pops, Michael Jackson was buried in one of the most expensive coffins in the world. Jackson’s coffin is a solid bronze casket lined with blue velvet., and is hand-polished 14k gold plate finish. The coffin cost US 25,000.

3. Reference information. It is possible to report information about the work of the funeral service (statistics, dynamics of deaths depending on the seasons or depending on who is the mayor ????). </ P >

In order not to scare subscribers, information about the work of the department should be given very briefly and not very often (should be no more than 30% of all content) .

4. Motivational. The theme of the funeral is not at all motivational and positive, so you need to work from the opposite. For example, introduce a motivational section “Live long”. Short tips from doctors and psychologists on how to live not only long, but also happily and fully.

5. Useful Information. This is a very important section because it can be monetized. That is, the group will be able to earn money. For example, for additional funds to tell about the companies that organize turnkey funerals in the city. You can also advertise catering companies that can quickly and efficiently organize a funeral dinner, or shops that sell beautiful funeral wreaths. Of course, this can only be done when there are already enough subscribers in the group (at least one thousand).

And even by submitting ads , do not forget to add humorous comments.

A good example from the Italian company of ritual services, which used the slogan in the advertising company: “Do not get vaccinated, we are ready to the epidemic! “


We will note, in publics with such irritating subject, jokingly, it is very important to feel borders not to run into a loud scandal. Therefore, our advice is theoretical. Still, we are sure that you can write interesting, fun and useful things on any topic.