Як недизайнерам створити якісну презентацію?

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How can designers not create a quality presentation?

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Almost every day, communication specialists face the need to present their projects, prepare lunches or reports in an interesting and high-quality way. You don’t have to be a designer or have a perfect graphic editor to make a good presentation. After all, a quality presentation is, first of all, a clear structure and consistent presentation.

A good presentation is easy to recognize – it helps to keep attention. The bad one is distinguished by bright slides with illegible text. How to make a beautiful presentation, where to start and what mistakes to avoid – we tell you more.

№1. Formulate a topic and structure

A good presentation has one topic. It should be narrow enough, with outlined problems and solutions. Properly chosen topic determines the structure – clear, logical and consistent. The structure should include the purpose and objectives of the project, the tools involved and the expected results, the KPI. Of course, with each project everything is very individual.

№2. Start with the text

After working on the structure of the presentation, write theses for each slide. Concise, supported by numbers, statistics, etc. Next – visual design with icons, photos, videos. If you start with the visual design, there is a high probability that the presentation will be left without a clear structure. If you have little time, an effective and simple solution – text on white slides, branded for a specific project.

№3. Alternate slides

Creating presentations is like writing text. Reading a text consisting of sentences of the same length is boring. Keep in mind the rhythm, so alternate text slides with visuals (images, graphics, screenshots, etc.).

№4. “Revive” the presentation with examples

Add presentations of the practical component will help cases of similar problems and solutions (both successful and unsuccessful) – to compare and draw parallels . It is worth noting that real examples (research, reports, etc.) make the presentation more convincing.

№5. Follow the principle of unification

Use one or two key colors in the presentation. These are usually the corporate colors and fonts of the company or organization. If they are missing or not needed, use special services for choosing colors. For example, this is Flat UI Colors 2 , In Color Balance etc.

 Source: Flat UI Colors 2

Source: Flat UI Colors 2

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Feel free to use contrasting colors, but check with colleagues how successful your chosen combination is.

The principle of unification also applies to fonts. One thing is enough to create a presentation: easy, without serifs. For example, these are free Open Sans, Roboto, PT Sans.

Proper completion of the presentation

Many of us forget about the correct completion of the presentation – thanks for your attention and time. In addition to gratitude, the final slide should include contacts of the agency or people who can be contacted for additional information.

The column was prepared by Anna Kazak, PR specialist Perfect PR