Прес-реліз 2.0: мультимедійність як невід’ємна складова

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Press Release 2.0: Multimedia as an Integral Component

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Multiscreen has absorbed all the information space. If earlier we learned about the news from the columns of newspapers, today we are talking about several simultaneous screens. To get to these screens, you need to be prompt, so it is important to provide information to the media in the highest state of readiness for release. The time for reading the news was also reduced, in particular, social networks contributed to this. The news is now rated from 4 to 40 seconds, which is why you also need to be competitive.

According to PR specialist Olga Lech, today is the best way to stand out among the hundreds of releases that come to the press, there is a multimedia press release. This is an interactive news platform. With this tool we can not only tell the essence of the event, ie present a standard press release, but also give a background, video and audio comments, photo gallery, numbers, quotes, infographics and so on.

About features and efficiency use of multimedia press releases is told by Olga Lech, PR specialist of Perfect PR agency.

– Olya, what is the need for a new format of press release?

– Today, the amount of information is growing rapidly. The way and form of presenting information is also changing rapidly. And the very concept of “media” has greatly expanded. After all, today we are talking about a stream from Facebook or news on Twitter as media products. More and more new mobile applications and applications are appearing for journalists, and the world as a whole is becoming (or has already become) mobile. Therefore, there is no point in talking about traditional press releases with text on the A-4.

As the journalistic space becomes more mobile, more global, more creative, the original sources must also change. The competition for the attention of journalists is growing, and today the winner is the one who is armed with interactivity. To stand out and be remembered, you need to talk about a multimedia press release. Today, a journalist demands more from press services and PR people, and a multimedia press release can give it. Because it is the maximum information about the company on one site.

– What is special about a multimedia press release?

– A multimedia press release is multifunctional a platform with text about the event, video and audio comments, photos, and all this is supported by meaningful and interesting infographics. It is no secret that today journalists have less and less time to read press releases and filter information. Therefore, the only way to touch a journalist is visual content, visual supplementation of the text. They receive tons of letters in the box, yours – should be different. That is why the format of a multimedia press release is important.

– Do you mean that “picture” replaces a thousand words?

– That’s right, because 80% of people perceive visual information better. Therefore, it is necessary to provide information for journalists in the format of a multimedia press release. According to research by the American company PR Newswire, it can collect almost 10 times more views.

Proof of this is a number of American and European studies. For example, if the news contains infographics – 45% of readers click on the link, and 35% & # 8211; click and distribute. And according to the American content marketing corporation SKYWORD, visual content increases pageviews by 120%. Twitter research has also shown that news from audio, video or photos receive 4 times more retweets.

– How effective is the use of such press releases?

– With them, we can actually instantly publish news in the media. Because we provide adapted content for all types of media. Previously, we had to wait several hours for an online publication to publish our information. Then the radio calls start – “we need a comment, let’s call & # 8230;”, the TV people storm – “they need to shoot a video, we’ll come up” and so on. And your speaker is not in the area of ​​access of journalists & # 8230;

Such situations are radically changed by a multimedia press release. You need, for example, for “Ukrainian Truth” a text for the news – download from our platform with one click, and a photo in addition; “Texty.org.ua” – download infographics around which to build news; in parallel, news is broadcast on Kyiv 98 FM, where they use audio commentary from your multimedia press release; 112 Ukraine – downloads and edits video for broadcast. Journalists are no longer looking for all this, they are just using it.

– So we are helping journalists with a multimedia press release, giving them not only an informational reason, but also comments and illustrations for their materials?

– This platform allows you to be one step ahead of the journalist, because it adds to the info drive all possible types of content. And in general, a multimedia press release will bring your company closer to the audience thanks to the “picture”. People have become visuals. Therefore, using visual in a press release is an ideal way to meet their need for an information format. Lastly, keep in mind that a multimedia press release is a testament to your company’s innovation.