5 платформ для створення презентацій

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5 platforms for creating presentations

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

We have already told that the development of quality presentations is a must. language skills for any communications specialist. Today we share with you 5 services and tools that will help to convey information to the audience in an accessible and high-quality way.

# 1. Microsoft PowerPoint

This program is so popular that probably every one of us knows it. This is justified, because PowerPoint has all the necessary functionality to create stylish and interactive presentations. The platform contains a variety of templates, backgrounds, editing tools, fonts and more. There are so many features that only a few users have 100% mastered.

#2. Apple Keynote

Another offline presentation platform developed by Apple. It contains a huge set of tools for editing texts, beautiful effects and themes for developing professional presentations. However, Keynote proponents point out that this program is much simpler and more intuitive to use than PowerPoint.

# 3. Google Slides

First of all, it should be said that this is an online service. Therefore, it is especially relevant for users who work in teams. After all, with its help you can jointly edit the online part of the presentation. Google Slides contains most of the features that PowerPoint has, and provides offline storage. All edits to the presentation are stored in a special log, so users can follow the changes.

# 4. Prezi

Prezi is a program for creating dynamic non-linear presentations. It can be used both for creating business presentations and for creative presentation of ideas. The main difference from similar platforms is the ability to create animated presentations. In general, a presentation looks like a large map with textual content, images, and videos.

# 5. Canva

This is a multifunctional design platform. A service that will help you develop a quality and modern presentation, as well as almost any visual content (postcards, invitations, banners, etc.). Allows me to use not only ready-made templates, but I create and distribute my own. This tool is especially relevant at a time when you need to prepare an interesting presentation, and time for it – not enough.

And what services do you use to create presentations and which ones do you consider the most useful in your work?