10 нюансів створення мультимедійного прес-релізу

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10 nuances of creating a multimedia press release

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Not so long ago we analyzed why a multimedia press release is important today and talked about its benefits. It really allows you to cover different types of media – with it we can go both in the print media and on the radio, it can easily be used by TV people, not to mention online publications. Moreover, it is very suitable for social networks and rotates well there.

However, many of the experts wondered whether it is not too difficult, they say, the process is resource-intensive and so on. In my blog, I propose to consider 10 nuances of this form of information to prove otherwise.

  1. First of all, it should be noted that not all news items are suitable for creating a multimedia press release – only relevant, only socially important. This should be very relevant news for the media. And you need to remember the “picture”! If you can’t visualize the news, then you can do with a traditional press release.
  2. Forget about nonsense and populism. It’s not about the number of characters, it’s about the facts. Remember that the most interesting information should be contained in the quotes of the speaker, where the main message should be laid. After all, this is a guarantee that during the rewrite of the press release the journalist will use the basics.
  3. A photo report in a multimedia press release solves many issues, including giving journalists the opportunity to choose images. However, it is worth remembering the photo of the speaker, which should also be included in such a press release: it should be in action (not parquet), in the right style. In this way, we make it impossible for journalists to extract photos of our speaker’s namesake from the Internet. Photo quality is the default.
  4. You do not need to brand video in a multimedia press release, as it is a raw material for journalists’ own materials. Video branded by the company is less likely to hit the screens, journalists perceive such content exclusively as commercial and corporate. Remember that video must be high quality, it is the business card of the speaker and the company.
  5. Audio comments are optional, radiators will easily “pull” the sync they need from the video. However, having an audio commentary will make their job easier, in the end it doesn’t cost you anything, because the press secretaries write everything on a dictaphone anyway.
  6. Infographics should contain interesting data, it should “cling”. However, do not overdo it with corporate data, try to present them in terms of general market information. For example, when it comes to a mobile operator, say in the infographic, how long on average people talk on the phone, send text messages and so on. And specify how long your users do it. Here it is important to keep a balance with corporate information.
  7. Creating a multimedia press release is a long and creative process, but you don’t have to be afraid of it. It can be worked on by a whole team (PR-manager, journalist, copywriter, editor, photographer, videographer, editor, infographic, layout designer) or one or two people, as is often the case in press services, because without multifunctionality in the field of communications. today in any way. Finally, you can outsource the feature of creating a multimedia press release .
  8. Don’t be afraid of costs. A multimedia press release is not really that expensive, it can be done by even one specialist – a press secretary. Video and photos can be recorded on one device, audio – from a dictaphone. Other options can be purchased from freelancers.
  9. A multimedia press release does not have to be on the same platform . If you don’t have the resources to create it on the company’s website, it could be just a multimedia attachment (with links to a file sharer) to your press release. It is not so presentable, but no less effective.
  10. Don’t neglect the opportunity to use mailing services, especially when there are free resources for this, because it is very attractive and gives more guarantees that the email will not get into spam.

And finally – about the effectiveness of this format of the press release. Journalists save a lot of time with the help of a multimedia press release, after receiving texts they do not need to call the speaker, clarify details – they already have all the necessary comments in all possible formats, all you have to do is download, adjust to your own media and rotate.

A multimedia press release provides information to journalists in a very accessible form, so it allows you to instantly publish your digital content in online media, on television or on the radio.