Businesses that are the first to respond to important social events and provide information to their target audience quickly and seamlessly inspire the greatest trust. Thanks to social networks, one can establish effective relationships with their audiences and respond instantly to their needs. We establish trusting relationships with all media, create quality information for public positioning and discussion.

We form effective positioning and build strong business relationships with customers, consumers and contractors. In cooperation with our team you will receive:

  • strategic planning of your press service’s work;
  • creation and training of corporate press service for the company;
  • all types of original content: from posts in social media to native projects and analytical articles;
  • organization and moderation of media events (press conferences, press briefings, press tours, presentations);
  • development of media planning with subsequent rotation of materials;
  • media monitoring and analytics;
  • creation of multimedia press releases;
  • development of a television product.

The use of digital tools requires a systematic approach, so we offer:

  • strategic planning of digital campaigns;
  • development of digital platforms and Internet solutions for business;
  • creation of media advertising and special projects;
  • development of media projects – from idea to implementation;
  • creation and promotion of brand communities;
  • collaboration with bloggers and opinion leaders.